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Passionate about art, design, wilderness, animals.

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Passionate about art, design, wilderness, animals.

I am an artist and illustrator. Former lawyer by trade - forbidden to do art as a career, I exhibited and sold works in my free time, fueled by regular weekend forays to the New Zealand high country. That preserved my sanity.

After 14 years, I came home to the country when my dad died. For 10 years as I looked after my mom (Alzheimers): the net became my lifeline, freelancing in graphics and webdesign (coding in HTML) including 5 years as sole graphics designer for an Aussie web development company, until the project folded - sadly.

I recently illustrated a book that won 5 awards after publication in 2012 - see http://taketakerau.com/ - the story of The Millennium Tree, a 2000 year old tree that in its lifetime has seen the history of NZ unfold.

Now I do my own thing with design, and I'm loving it.